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Pear Tart (2022) – collaboration with Eilís O’Sullivan
Private Hire (video) (2020) – collaboration with Kathryn Williams
Antonio Guillem (2020) – collaboration with Seán Clancy
This is about (2019) – collaboration with Seán Clancy
Levitas, Gravitas and High Intensity Interval Training for Sharon d’Aire (2019) – collaboration with Kathryn Williams
Squashing (2014) – collaboration with Ludwig Abraham
Having never seen (a) Ghost (2014)
Tape Piece (2012) – collaboration with Maya Verlaak
Piano Recital (2011) – collaboration with Jessica Cooper
A performance is never rehearsed, a performance is never repeated (2010) – click here for score
Worse than nothing (2009) – click here for score