Free as in beer

Performance from the opening of ‘The New Fordist Manifesto’ at GEMAK, The Hague, 7 June 2013. For more information, visit

The instructions to viewers were as follows: Please make patterns with stickers on the paper strip provided, then feed the strip into the vending machine. In return for your composition you will receive a cup of beer.You can make as many compositions as you like, and will receive a cup of beer for each composition. Four colors indicate four musical parameters; dots are short notes and lines are long notes. The top of the paper is the highest note and the bottom of the paper is the lowest note. The four musical parameters will be chosen by the instrumentalists when they play the piece.

The New Fordist Organization is part of the The Institute of Applied Cultural Economics and Sociology and is a new collective of composers, visual artists and performance artists, set up to apply the principles of mass-production, industrialization and mechanized creation, pioneered by the American industrialist Henry Ford, to the visual and performing arts.

Below is a recording of the score of the piece from the opening of the exhibition.

7 June 2013, Vrije Academie, The Hague