This is about

Written and performed by Andy Ingamells and Seán Clancy

This Is About is a 45-minute music-theatre performance about Hurling. Seán Clancy is Irish yet cannot play Hurling. Andy Ingamells is a recent English immigrant to Ireland and took up Hurling as a way to integrate. Seán recently became a father and hoped to learn Hurling so that he could play it with his son in the future. As musicians both Andy and Seán wanted to find a distinctly musical way to approach the game.

During the piece the two performers struggle to overcome their lack of Hurling skills, whilst an emerging spoken narrative interspersed at key points displays their struggle against their demons as they adapt to the changing circumstances in their lives. These changing circumstances are things audiences can relate to: the birth of a child; moving to an unfamiliar place; trying to fit in; choosing between work and family; facing up to your own limitations. The piece features sumptuous synth music, playful and unconventional approaches to playing the piano, detailed field recordings and harmonious vocals juxtaposed with sports chants. The musical and physical action fully immerses the audience in the sound world.

A tour of this piece in 2020 and 2021 was supported by PRSF Beyond Borders and produced by Third EarPRSFoundationBeyondBordersLockUp2017

2 May 2019, Royal Birmingham Conservatoire

4 March 2020, Volcano Theatre, Swansea
6 September 2020, Kirkos Biosphere, Dublin
14 August 2021, Centrala (livestream performance), Birmingham/Cork