New Street Counterpoint

The score for this piece consists of 60 individual loose-leaf sheets. These were produced in September 2009, when I bought a Day-Saver ticket from Birmingham New Street bus station and spent the day travelling around the city with a marker pen, letting the motion of the bus guide my hand.

The first performance was given on December 15th 2009 at The Old Joint Stock theatre in Birmingham. The ensemble was a trio of keyboard players (including the composer) who were using ‘sustaining’ sounds on their synthesiser keyboards (sounds such as ‘organ’ which don’t have a decay.) To interpret the pages, the players used paint rollers to play the keyboards, treating the middle of the page as middle C and moving the roller to trace the line. Each player had a referee whistle in their mouth, a tambourine on their left foot, and a whoopie cushion on their right foot. These were played to represent the blue dots. The pages of the score were attached to music stands with string, so they could be ripped off and thrown on the floor once they had been played.

Score (click on image to download pdf of score)new